Rotary Evaporator Model Features

A Rotary evaporator can form a thin film by rotating under constant heating and specific pressures ( vacuum or atmospheric). It evaporates effectively and the vapours are condensed separately and collected

The phenomenon is very efficient for processes like

  • Concentration
  • Solvent extraction
  • Crystallization

Particularly handling temperature sensitive materials

The most effective and important apparatus for Research and development, Educational purpose and Pilot testing in Biological, biochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and fragrance industry.


Our Rotary evaporators are

  • Ergonomically designed to make the operation easier and safer
  • 100mm motor jack slide and 130mm manual extension slide
  • New vertical double coil condenser, 0.27m2, which is twice the area of ordinary condenser
  • The rotation speed displays in digital, ranging from 5 ~300rpm
  • Great vacuum sealed performance, high evaporative capacity
  • Lightweight design made by aluminum profiles, easy to use and move in laboratories
  • Teflon coated water/oil bath with safety handle to ensure the safety of the experiment, large about 4.5L can reach up to 1~2L sample flask
  • Lift up to the highest point when the motor overloads

Rotary Evaporator Setup General Specifications

Model JE-RE2 JE-RE-5 JE-RE-10 JE-RE-20 JE-RE50 Remarks
Evaporatio n Flask 2L/29# 5L/50# 10L/95# 20L95# 50L/125# Table top
Receiving Flask 1L 2L/3L 5L 10L+5L 10L+10L models Options of one or two receivin g flasks
Motor power 40 90 120 120 180 Ex proof versions available
Bath power 1.5 2 3 5 5
Motor power 0.096 0.096 0.096 0.096 0.096
Rotation speed 10-180 10-90 5-110 5-110 1-110 5-300 RPM
Evaporation speed 1.2 2 3.5 5 8 available
Power 220 220 220 220 220
Dimension (in mm) 550 x 350 x 750 550 x 350 x 1100 1000 x 500 x 1800 1000 x 500 x 1800 1200 x 800 x 2200
Product model PN 1200BV-OSB1200
Evaporation Flask 1L Peer shaped TS 29/38
Receiving Flask 1L S35 std
Rotary shaft Short type glass rotary shaft TS 29/38 ID 16mm x L178mm
Motor power 25W
Bath power and dimensions 1.3KW 200mm dia x D120mm SS304 + Teflon coating
Heating Temp range RT , +5 – 180 degC
Temperature control and setting /Display PID Micro computer control Keypress Input/digital display
Rotation speed 5-300
Evaporation speed 25ml/min
Condenser Vertical triple helix with surface area 0.27 sq.m.
Vacuum sea Teflon/Teflon and Viton double deck sea
Jack (Stroke) Electric jack slide 100mm +manual extension slide 130mm
Power 220V 50Hz
Dimension 550X380X750 ( 950 ) – 18 kg ALL VALUES ARE APPROX
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