Kilo Lab systems

Universal Reaction/Distillation unit

Reactor Options

  • Glass
  • Glass lined
  • Hastalloy
  • SS
  • Triple Wall Glass Reactor

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature
    • (–90°C) up to 220°C
  • Pressure
    • Glass Triple Wall Reactor /Glass reactor (Full vacuum up to 0.5 bar)
    • SS, Hastlloy and Glass Lined reactor (Full vacuum up to 0.6 bar)
    • special Design up to 20 bar
  • Capacities
    • 10 L up to 500 L
  • Salient Features
    • CGMP design
    • Instrumentation & Control
    • Automation with Data Acquisition
    • Skid Mounted
    • Documentation

Reactor Bottom Pan

  • Triple wall reactors upto 100L. Both ends fused triple wall (vacuum jacketed) glass reactor
  • Glass lined
    • (20L, 50L, 100L, 250L)
    • Pre-insulated (with SS cladding)
    • jacketed
  • Cylindrical Jacketed Glass (Double Wall) up to 50L
  • SS, Hastalloy, Pre-insulated Jacketed

Reactor Top Cover

  • Glass top cover
  • Glass lined, SS, Hastalloy for pressure reactions (standard up to 6 bar, special design up to 20 bar)

Stirrer System

  • Glass lined
    • anchor
    • pitch Blade turbine curved blade turbine
  • PTFE lined
    • anchor
    • PBT
    • Paddle,etc-multistage & interchangeable impellers also available Possibl
  • Glass
    • anchor
    • turbine
    • suction agitators
  • Motor
    • ex-proof
    • speed control by VFD or mechanical variator
    • Suitable gear box
  • Seal
    • Suitable MOC
  • Complete SS construction (option). SS hood for motor, gearbox, housing (standard)

Bottom Outlet Valve

  • Flush with zero dead volume
    • Glass / PTFE
  • Glass lined with temperature sensor (optional)

Reactor Bottom Pan – Raising / Lowering Device

  • Manual or motorized
  • Also removable after lowering

Safety Devices

  • Glass / PTFE Pressure Relief Valve
  • Rupture Disc
  • Translucent coating of glass components

Support Structure

  • Complete SS construction
  • Special designs for low headrooms
  • Suitable for installation in walk-in fume hoods
  • Skid mounted mobile units also possible


  • Special design high strength re-enforced plastic as standard.
  • SS also available as option
  • SS nut bolts with compression springs as standard.
  • PTFE coated as option.

Online Sampling

  • Continuous on-line liquid sampling from the reactor

Single Fluid Heating Cooling Units

  • Compact unit for both heating As well as cooling
  • Advanced automation to precisely control temperature
  • Temperature range :
    • -90°C up to 220°C
  • Fully transparent allowing clear vision of process
  • Minimum time to reach desired temperature
  • Compact unit

Solid Handling Systems

  • Jet Mill Micronizer, Double Cone Vacuum Dryer, and Tray Dryer, Vibro-Sifters, Cream ointment & Planetary Mixer, Tripple Roll Mill / Ball Mill, Colloid Mill, Multimill

Mobile Glass Nutsche Filters

  • Suitable for acidic media filtrations
  • Vacuum is used to speed up filtration
  • Filter plate is made of PTFE / GF
  • PTFE cloth used for filter tissue
  • Mounted on wheels

Mobile Gas Scrubbers

  • Simple in design
  • Suitable for air & Exhaust clean up tasks
  • Ideal for scrubbing exhaust From small scale chemical plants
  • Ideal for studies & scale-up of gas scrubber systems
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