Heating and cooling system for multi reactors

The whole system we adopt is fully closed piping design, high efficiency plate heat exchanger used to reduce the demand of thermal fluid as well as greatly increase utilization of heat in order to achieve rapid ups and downs in temperature. The system with an expansion vessel, and the heatconducting medium in the expansion vessel does not participate in liquid circulation, whatever the temperature is high temperature or low temperature, the expansion tank is limited to 60°C. The working life and properties of the thermal fluid are also protected, by avoiding direct contact between the hot fluid and atmosphere.


  • Working temperature rang from -100 °C to +300 °C.
  • Centralized control of 3~20 reactors, each reactor’s material temperature and jacket temperature can be set independently. One system control multiple reactors of target temperature is realized.
  • Maximum process stability and reproducibility.
  • Under the system control, energy-saving efficiency is improved.The freezing medium and heating medium flowing through the conduction angle of the reactors are controlled accurately.
  • Previously unachievable performance.
  • High-accuracy and intelligent temperature control.
  • Adopt Plate heat exchanger & Piping heater to improve the heating and cooling rates.
  • High Cooling Power from 0.5 to 400 kW.
  • Factory’s existing refrigeration system and heating system can be used together with this system in order to reduce the input cost.
  • Large temperature range without fluid change.
  • Increased thermal fluid life.
  • 10 inch TFT touchscreen with graphic display.
  • Comprehensive warning and safety functions.
  • Rapid cooling down from high temperature (from 300 °C).
  • Using Magnetic drive pump with no leakage of the shaft seal.
  • With USB interfaces, RS485 interfaces, industrial control configuration software.
  • It can be produced explosion-proof function according to customer’s requirement.
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