Engineered Systems (Glass Assemblies)

Over Head Assembly on Glasslined Vessel

  • Borosilicate Glass overhead assembly can be easily fitted to Glass-Lined, SS or other metal / coated reaction vessels.
  • The reaction system is specifically useful for production of highly refined and highly pure products such as fine chemicals, pesticides, vitamins and pharmaceuticals.
  • The system is highly corrosion resistant.Because of modular construction, changes can be made in the overhead structure depending upon process requirements.
  • Borosilicate Glass permits visual observation.


The Distillation Equipment consists of

  • Column with packing and internals
  • Primary condensor
  • Secondary condensor
  • Distillate cooler
  • Phase separator (optional)
  • Receivers
  • Metric grid construction offers option of reorganizing.
  • Highly corrosion resistant.
  • Visual observation possible.


  • Evaporation of large quantities of liquids is possible without damaging active ingredient.
  • Fabricated from borosilicate glass and so highly corrosion resistant and offers visual observation.
  • Proper design shall give energy efficient system.
  • Type of Systems
    • Simple evaporator with reboiler
    • Falling-Film evaporator
    • Wiped-Film evaporator


  • For difficult separation problems such as liquids having virtually same boiling points, forming azeotropic mixtures or perhaps temperature sensitive, extraction offers economical solution.
  • The Following Type of Equipments is Available
    • Mixer-settler
    • Spray towers
    • Unpulsed sieve plate columns
    • Pulsed sieve plate and packed columns
    • Stirred columns


  • The objectives of absorption are
  • to separate gas mixtures as required by the process
  • to purify a component of a gas mixture
  • to recover valuable components from waste gases
  • to remove harmful gases from waste gases
  • Borosilicate Glass offers best material of construction as it is corrosion resistant.
  • Visual monitoring possible.
  • Because of modular construction, changes in system possible.


  • Depending on the specifications for the end products such as
    • Particle size
    • Particle size distribution
    • Product purity
    • a wide range of crystallizer types is available for coping with manifold crystallization problems. The criteria for selecting the crystallization process are the physical properties of the solutionsand products and also economic considerations.

Glass Venturi Scrubber

  • Easy Operation q No moving parts
  • Intimate mixing
  • Compact Installed on Tank
  • Creates vacuum
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