About Us

Jagdamba Enterprise was formed in 2011 with an aim to provide promotion of Engineering plants and technologies. The company has several connections and backup of manufacturing facility as well as represents national/international firms, promoting their state-of-art products, technologies and designs.

Providing client servicing and technical solutions to corporate partners all across the globe; has always been Jagdamba Enterprise’s mission. With more than 25years of technical and commercial experience, this organisation has some key members from the field of Chemistry, Flow-Chemistry, Instrumentation and Process Engineering. Shree-Chem Global being the parent company has executed key projects in field of glass engineering with various Indian, Brazilian, American, German and Israeli companies.

Jagdamba Enterprise has some great product range and operational bandwidth. Some of these include

  • Designing, Manufacturing and Executing Industrial Glass process plants
  • Custom built glass apparatus and exclusive focus on promoting Kilo-Lab units with GMP Documentation and EU mark,
  • Turnkey projects liked Gold/silver refining plants, Nitric acid/Sulphuric acid concentration plants
  • Supplying, Commissioning and Servicing of Hi-tech Industrial Single Fluid heating cooling systems, Dynamic temperature control systems
  • Promoting and Executing projects with Advance Flow Reactors (Corning)

Such precise technologies have an application in varied pharmaceutical, chemical and advanced R&D labs/centres/companies.